The new AF-4 is magnetic mount AUTOFILL with two dispensing opportunities. It is designed to accommodate both water and concentrate inputs to precisely mix concentrations from 0-100%. The user defines the desired concentration and desired amount. The full color, 4.3” LED touch-screen provides a host of programming scenarios. The AF-4 offers five user-defined concentration settings allowing you to customize the quantity and concentration of dispensed liquid. Tracking your usage has never been easier with the cumulative total displayed right on your screen. An alarm will sound, and the unit will shut off when there is a flow fault or low fluid level to notify the user when a barrel or tote is almost empty to allow time to retrieve a full barrel of concentrate. 


    • Fully Programmable for Concentrations From 0-100%.
    • Pulse Mode for Concentrate Distribution Throughout Entire Dispensing Cycle.
    • Flow Fault Alarm
    • Low Concentrate/Empty Alarm Programmable to Specified Container Size
    • Easy to Read, Full Color, 4.3” LED Touchscreen Display
    • 5-Pin Quick Disconnect Cable To “Handshake” Interface with Machine’s PLC to Operate Remotely
    • Calibration to Specific Viscosities for Precisely Accurate Concentration Amounts
    • Adjustable Refraction Index Multiplier for Precise Refractometer Readings and Automatically Displays True BRIX % When Using Multiplier
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